10 Years of
Audiovisual Art

Since 2011 Kernel has been promoting technological experiments and artistic expressions that involve the public in new and immersive experiences capable of enhancing urban places of symbolic, artistic and cultural value.

Kernel creates opportunities for internationally known artists and young talents called to interact in the interpretation of the public space with their artistic visions.

In ten years of Kernel Festival more than 200 artists have exhibited their creations and productions … and we want to show more and more.


Monza – Starting June 4th


AreaOdeon celebrates ten years of the Kernel with a new approach to the traditional formula of the event, in compliance with the safety regulations due to the Covid-19 emergency. A different setting, with a wider scope, which guarantees the public, the artists and all the bodies involved the opportunity to return to experience the city through art in the streets, with a series of free events spread throughout the territory, for a period which runs from June to November.

No crowd, no rush, there is space and time for everyone to enjoy!

Audiovisual Mapping

For Kernel, audiovisual mapping is an opportunity to involve artists in the interpretation of the same “canvas”, each developing their own work.
The same architecture, the same facade, the same urban context are interpreted by the artists involved in a unique and personal way, through their language and style, to offer the public a different and innovative perception of reality.

In this edition the protagonists of the audiovisual creations will not only be known artists, but also students of art academies and children of elementary and middle schools. A chance to stimulate the new generations to interact with established and recognised personalities, to offer a look to the future full of expressive opportunities.

PONTE DEI LEONI (semi-resident installation)
Audiovisual mapping show – continuously rotating

  1. 04-13 June 2021, from 9.30 pm
    Technology and nature, cinema and actuality, the birth of the cosmos and the reflection on missing moments.
    These are the themes proposed by the students of the second year of the Video Design course of IED in Milan.
  2. 02-11 July 2021, from 9.30 pm
    Young pupils of elementary and middle schools reinterpret the facade with their imagination. The contents they developed during a workshop become the protagonists of the projections in a dynamic show.
    The intervention involves the middle schools of the Raiberti plexus of Monza, the Baby College and Junior College Bilingual Schools of Monza and Seregno and the middle schools of Taos County in New Mexico (USA) thanks to the collaboration with STEMarts Lab.

Next appointments to be defined…

Audiovisual mapping show – continuously rotating
24 September – 3 October – from 7.30 pm
The facade of Duomo of Monza, recently restored to its extraordinary beauty, becomes the protagonist and inspiration for recognised artists and young talents selected by a committee of established professionals.

Sound Safari

City center locations
from June to November, 24 hours a day

An unprecedented exploration of the city of Monza thanks to an innovative technological platform for listening and contemplation. A sound experience to rediscover city places and spaces, where each site acquires a different meaning and atmosphere thanks to a dedicated musical and poetic project.

Sound scapes and electronic sound design, but also works by Dante Alighieri set to music in a contemporary key, offer the public a new perception of urban space.

A Sound Safari to be experienced directly on your smartphone and through your earphones, following an interactive map to safely navigate the city, day and night, to discover the works that each artist has linked to a specific place of historical and cultural value.

Interactive & Light Art

Kernel has always turned its attention to the most innovative artistic languages by promoting research and experimentation applied to digital, electronic, interactive, and light art.
Visual installations that place the interaction with the public in relation to the surrounding space and the widest expressions of light at the center of the work itself.

Interior spaces
from July to November

Unexpressed urban spaces are transformed for a brief moment into exhibition contexts where light, interactive and audiovisual installations find visibility.
Temporary exhibitions, to be discovered, searched for, to learn about the work of Italian and international artists dedicated to technological experimentation.

Stay tuned …


Kernel has always created new opportunities for artists asking them to offer their artistic visions through international calls. The same happens on the occasion of the Festival that celebrates its 10th anniversary.
Join the platform with your projects by logging into your account or activating one: it is free and offers you the possibility that your work will be selected for this occasion or for future ones.
Be Kernel … STAY KERNEL !




conception and production: AreaOdeon
art and technical direction: Marcello Arosio
project management: Carlotta Fumagalli
institutional relationships: Carlo Mondonico
web development: Davide Cappelletti
graphic production and video editing: Vincenzo Fabiano, Massimo Tantaro
graphic project: Marcello Arosio
social media: Nadir Catalano
fund raising: Affina•menti