Kernel Festival

Call for Participation

Kernel is an open space for ideas and projects: a meeting place, to share and dialogue, not only among public, and established and emerging artists - that take part in change of contemporary artistic language,- but also between them and researchers, writers and curators who wish to propose reflections on the emerging artistic trends,, related to technology.

Wishing to keep developing the Platform, , the Organization launches a call for proposal always open , to identify proposals and projects to participate in the Kernel Festival and , in all the other events and appointments distributed throughout the year in different places, to further increase the opportunities for visibility and promotion of the artists and their works.

The call is therefore open not only to the selection of experimental projects, works and performances, but also of conferences, talks and workshops. The submitted proposals may refer to different areas of technological and digital expression, including: Electronic Music, Audiovisual Mapping, Interactive & Digital Art, Temporary Architecture.
Examples , of proposals:

  • projects of electronic music of any style expressed in the form of a live set
  • live audiovisual performance, short film, VJing and public interaction, architectural mapping – indoor and outdoor
  • interactive art projects, generative, digital, electronics, kinetics, robotics; software art, net art; sound installations, video and light installations; traveling performances and urban actions – indoor and outdoor
  • proposals and projects of light architectural structures, temporary, movable and/or reusable, installations, interventions and projects that provide innovative ideas for the management of the processes of transformation of the physical space and its use
  • Proposals for conferences, presentations, meetings, roundtables, workshops


The call is open, free of charge, to participants of all nationalities, older than 21 21.
Participation of groups is allowed, with the indication of a representative.

The submission of applications is possible only through the online form.
it's’ required to create a Kernel Call Account, with which it's possible to submit multiple proposals through the appropriate form, accessible here.

It is possible, both for individuals (and groups, ) to participate with several projects and in multiple categories., Considering the call is always open, , it's also always possible to submit new proposals. It will not be possible to make any changes to the proposals previously sent.
Once the transmission of the proposal is complete, the participant will receive a confirmation message to the provided e-mail address .

The lack of requested documentation will results in the exclusion, from the call.

For further information and clarification, please contact the Organization at:


The proposals will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the Organization and by external professionals of various nationalities, They will assess the artistic relevance, the economic viability and sustainability of the proposals on the basis of what is indicated by the candidates in the registration form.
The Organization will cover the expenses for the saying of the selected artists (up to a maximum of 4 persons in case of groups) providing them with food and lodging during the week of the Festival. Any additional support will be considered case-by-case.

Given the intention to activate different opportunities for visibility and exposure during the year in addition to the Festival, the Organization suggests to proceed as soon as possible to the participation.

The representatives of the proposals deemed most suitable will be contacted directly by the Organization.


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