Kernel Festival


The Platform Kernel grows, evolve, mutates and extends, changes. We want to collect and bring together, not only artists from around the world, but future ideas, projects and new proposals… yours!

Proposals for roundtables, workshops, meetings and publications, in addittion to installations and interactive art performance, digital, audiovisual and music that continue to build the architecture of the Festival.

Kernel is a sharing platform that includes everything from art, technology and experimentation. We intend performance, shows and public; but in the same way, participation, contamination and experience.

Kernel is an open space for ideas and projects: a meeting place, to share and dialogue, not only among public, and established and emerging artists - that take part in change of contemporary artistic language,- but also between them and researchers, writers and curators who wish to propose reflections on the emerging artistic trends,, related to technology.

The Call invites to present not only proposals for art projects, but of conferences, meetings, workshop or whatever else might believe should be incorporated into the new events that take shape from the platform.

In addition, the Call aims not only to implement the content of the Kernel Platform for the forthcoming initiatives, but means to pay particular attention to projects of audiovisal 3D mapping presented to participate in future editions.


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