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divid_DJ.jpg DIVI DJ
Graduated from the Faculty of Electronic Music and Sound Technology of the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Como, has a solid experience in the field, which saw him work at the recording studios of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and currently with the Academy of the Teatro alla Scala of Milan and Space Ansaldo. With decades of experience in the audio and DJing, Two, titolare del Threshold Service, worked for many clubs and festivals Brianza, is currently the resident DJ Nasty Party and BM Radio, with electro ed le sue sonorità acid.
experimental.jpg MENTAL experi- DJ SET
Musical collective “open” born in 1998 with formations from time to time and with different improvisation as a constant unique to each show. Experi-Mental begins to move within a continuous search path, growing as a real band independently and in 1999, with "FINGERPRINTS - reactions Italian music of the millennium" concrete work done thanks to the collaboration of 99 Possession, Ariadigolpe, Sigma Tibet Punkreas. Today Experi-Mental continues its search offering DJs, soundtracks and advertising jingles, live concerts in which you mix music, video, poesia the picture.
hellzapop.jpg HELLZAPOP
Hellzapop is David Cappelletti. The need to express emotions and passion for music led him to use technology to create songs, mostly instrumental, produced with computer-generated sounds and rhythms and acoustic guitars. The influences of his compositions ranging from trip-hop to the new German electronic music. Le sue tracce, although instrumental, often have the structure of pop songs, an efficient way to convey feelings through songs.
iannucci-imm.png IaNnU
Lighting designer by profession but for years his main hobby is electronics manufacturing, passion that carries forward from when he was 18 year old. For him, the electronic music is an emotional tale, a representation sometimes linear and sometimes sgorbutica of their emotions. Founder of Natural Jumping, cultural brand active in Vimercate, with which assists and creates social and artistic events.
51Beats.jpg PLACEMENT [51BEATS]
Plasman approaches the electronic composition in 1996, after having studied classical clarinet and music theory. The passion for live music led him to collaborate as sintetizzatorista in some crossover-rock formations of Milan. In 2007 comes in contact with 51beats: composition and live performance become one, live performances become frequent and buy a cut tied to the dancefloor. Numerous live performances abroad (Paris, Budapest) and reviews related to the underground world of electronics.
b2b.jpg GEORGE K b2b JS
Dj and producer George K class 1981. Its roots are hip hop and reggae, but in a short time thanks to the breakbeat (rock it Herbie Hancock) abandons the sound to begin electronic experiments. He is dedicated to the production as much as possible using synth and drum machine. Label owner FU.ME, promotes new and old sounds without forgetting its roots, proposing sounds bad and sporchi.JS developed his passion for electronic music as a boy. Through his studies as a sound engineer and the desire to carry out his sound project, soon begins to produce tracks first alone and then with Andee under the name "Rk's", with which in the 2010 opens the independent label "Earth Mothern". His DJ sets are very eclectic and more mental spazziano from house to techno and deep, endorsing everything and turning sound into a magical atmosphere.


In addition to public art projects owned, events and interactive installations, AreaOdeon directs his artistic research in the audiovisual field, developing performance of audiovisual mapping that place particular emphasis on the relationship between architectural context, culture and local history. Among the performance produced, that achieved at Villa Reale in Monza -Heritage historical / artistic Lombardy- 4500mq with a 270 ° projection and sound system spatialized octophonic, is among the most complex and immersive made.
delta-nuovo-logo copia.jpg DELTAPROCESS
Society of multimedia artists based in Italy and the United Kingdom, founded in 2009 da F. Petra's F. Genesini and later grew with the arrival of L. Iron, R. Battilani, it's. Russo e F.P. Mucelli. The training experience is based on performance Audio / Video and VJ-ing, activities that have been explored by artists in different contexts, such architectural projections (mapping) and interactive installations. As a part of the group remains stable in Italy to work for corporate events and artistic, the other members continue to travel around the world by offering new solutions to experiment with scenes, projections and lights.
Paradigme.jpg PARADIGM
Collective of video artists who find new ways of interpreting the world, to elicit new emotions and allow the public to change, like a dream, the perception of the real, mixing it with the unreal. CÉDRIC BACHORZ – TEN, artistic director of the collective, creates a blend of various arts, like electronic music, live performance and stage design. JEREMIE COTTA – BOMBAKLAK, playing with video projections and custom colors, looking for new influences. From 2003 performs in venues around the world, looking for cultural exchange and inspiration.
Luis.jpg LUIS SANZ
Multimedia artist based in Bern. His works take on multiple forms, come performance audiovisive, installations and generative art. Inspired by the geometry, dal surrealismo, from nature, by abstraction, architecture and Futurism, experimenting with sound and motion graphics.
vargasz.jpg VARGASZ
Hungarian media artist who experiments in audio-visual environment, in his compositions using generative, the aesthetics of modern technology. Besides his work as a video artist for several musicians, studied electronic music composition at the University of Pécs, which focuses on the relationship between noise, fluctuations and moving images.

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