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In the meantime, and during performances, nell’area lounge bar, every night you can hear in the headphones, with a modern sound system and multi-channel wireless, the music and productions of three DJ platform Kernel, different every night.
From 24.00 with the SILENT DISCO & LIVE VJ MAPPING JAM SESSION, you can enjoy the same DJ, this time live, and the facade of the villa from the animated video projections.

With the staff three-channel headphones (distributed at no additional cost until stocks are exhausted), you can choose to listen to the DJ while five VJ illuminate and animate the facade of Villa Traversi Tittoni.

Select the channel, choose the artist! _19.00 – 02.00
Mapping VJ Jam Session _24.00 - 02.00




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Thank you for your cooperation with LEM Industries providing headphones SilentSystem.

LEM International Srl is the first Italian company to SILENT SILENT DISCO and PARTY in Italy. The company was founded in 2012 by a group of young engineers, flanked by manager backed by thirty years experience in the telecommunications world. It has over 6000 wireless headphones excellent quality branded SILENTSYSTEM®, which are the result of careful selection of proposals most innovative technological and performance that global markets offer. The brand meets the approval of the most demanding public, because it offers quality products, efficient logistics and an undisputed technical expertise.

For each event qualified in headphones, from concerts to outdoor screenings, LEM is present with the best equipment.
Il KERNEL, of which is the technical sponsor, is an example. An unmissable event open to the general public, which aims to produce a contamination between different artistic forms, KERNEL THEATER provides opportunities to meet and exchange between different forms of expression in contemporary art that justifies the presence of the systems SILENTSYSTEM®, with powerful and exclusive transmitters, are able to diffuse three-channel stereophonic on a radius of half kilometer.

The continuous research and review of the proposed models, the creative work behind the design of the line, led the company to expand in a short time, ensuring the primacy Italian in terms of quality and unquestionable excellence in the field.

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