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delta-nuovo-logo copia.jpg DELTAPROCESS
Society of multimedia artists based in Italy and the United Kingdom, founded in 2009 da F. Petra's F. Genesini and later grew with the arrival of L. Iron, R. Battilani, it's. Russo e F.P. Mucelli. The training experience is based on performance Audio / Video and VJ-ing, activities that have been explored by artists in different contexts, such architectural projections (mapping) and interactive installations. As a part of the group remains stable in Italy to work for corporate events and artistic, the other members continue to travel around the world by offering new solutions to experiment with scenes, projections and lights.
Paradigme.jpg PARADIGM
Collective of video artists who find new ways of interpreting the world, to elicit new emotions and allow the public to change, like a dream, the perception of the real, mixing it with the unreal. CÉDRIC BACHORZ – TEN, artistic director of the collective, creates a blend of various arts, like electronic music, live performance and stage design. JEREMIE COTTA – BOMBAKLAK, playing with video projections and custom colors, looking for new influences. From 2003 performs in venues around the world, looking for cultural exchange and inspiration.
Luis.jpg LUIS SANZ
Multimedia artist based in Bern. His works take on multiple forms, come performance audiovisive, installations and generative art. Inspired by the geometry, dal surrealismo, from nature, by abstraction, architecture and Futurism, experimenting with sound and motion graphics.
vargasz.jpg VARGASZ
Hungarian media artist who experiments in audio-visual environment, in his compositions using generative, the aesthetics of modern technology. Besides his work as a video artist for several musicians, studied electronic music composition at the University of Pécs, which focuses on the relationship between noise, fluctuations and moving images.


senzaspine.jpg SENZASPINE
Orchestra of young professionals who aim to present the music in a new guise, devoid of prejudices that classify as too serious, ancient and difficult to listen. Their goal is to bring classical music to places where this kind is hard to come by, separating content from its canonical container, to lighten it and make it known to those who are less inclined. Senzaspine because classical music does not sting and can be grasped and appreciated without getting hurt.


Artistic and musical director, has had several assignments in conducting, Secretarial Art, pianist, musical direction of stage and coach at various international theaters. He obtained a diploma in organ and piano, studies in composition and conducting. In 1999, he made his debut as a conductor at the Teatro dei Este with the Amateur “Histoire du Soldat” di I. Stravinsky. Conductor important theaters in Italian and international contexts. In the years between the World Turns Czech Republic, Ireland, Albania, Romania, Russia, Korea and China until the last presence that sees him directing Elisir d'Amore at the Kursaal in San Sebastian and at the Teatro Principal of Zaragoza.


marcello-arosio.jpg MARCELLO AROSIO
Architect, Artist, researcher, experiments with light, image and interactivity. He has developed projects in Spain, U.S., Mexico, England, Italy, investigating the relationship between social dynamics, systems, strategy, structures, tools and technologies. He has created and presented inter-cultural projects in NYC, Barcelona, Bristol, Zurich, Belgrade. In 2000 he founded in New York X-it, multi-disciplinary studio, and in 2005 AreaOdeon in Monza where he is artistic director.

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