Kernel Festival

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Kernel Festival ushered in a collaboration with the Ecolandia Park (RC), in the context of Face Festival.
The artistic exhibition, related to art, creativity and all'ecocultura, It promotes various forms of expression of the modern world, between music, sounds, freedom of expression, fun, social involvement, with the ’ to bring together production capacities, talent and inventiveness.
Ecolandia, Park Ludico Environmental Technology, It is built around the old Fort Gullì, ancient fortification of the Straits control, also known as strong Arghillà.

Face Festival
from Saturday 30 July to Saturday 6 of August
Ecolandia – Catona (RC)



LUXONUS – Interactive installation of light and sound
from 1 the 4 August _dall'imbrunire
Forte Gullì, Ecolandia
presented compositions >

Loxonus is an interactive installation of light and sound where the musical compositions of the public are transformed into games of ancient fortification Gullì light.

Step sequencer programmed for this installation has created a music loop that allowed the lighting of the Fort Gullì. For each note played, a light came on to illuminate the facade.

L ’ installation, intuitive and fun, It remained open to all active and during the days of the event.
The audience in the period prior to the Festival, through a web interface, He could create, record and send your musical contribution from which is derived in real-time correspondent of Forte lighting solution. The compositions collected through web were presented in four evenings.

During the days of the Festival, This was an on-site station, through which the public could interact with the installation.

The multimedia exhibition has also been the set for concerts scheduled.


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