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Villa Traversi Tittoni is without doubt one of the most important villas and monumental entire Brianza. Today owned by the city, home of the public library and other public services, in the seventeenth century the villa belonged to Cusani, which, towards the end of the eighteenth century, wanted to enlarge and modernize. Following the reconstruction of the 1776, entrusted to Piermarini, was enlarged and the redefinition of the garden.
In 1817, the villa was sold to the lawyer Traversi, decided that a global reset of all property by the Palagi who designed the redecoration of the financial and environments of the ground floor. Similarly, the artist enriched the park with a new monumental entrance arch of triumph and with the addition of an imposing neo-Gothic tower, now private property. He planned, in addition to, the cast-iron gate that closes the north facade of the villa with courtyard and the new square in front of the Villa.
After the debacle of the Second World War, the laborious recovery of the complex is occupied the town of Desio that in 1975 bought the former Villa Tittoni and I started the restoration. New measures had to be taken a few years later, as, the 7 November 1993, a fire destroyed the hall, causing the collapse of times and floors.


The Villa has a U structure , consisting of the main body and the lower wings on the sides of the courtyard, closed to the north by an elaborate cast-iron gate between columns crowned by statues, beyond there is a public square.
The shapes of the Villa, characterized looking classicist are articulated by a giant order of pilasters and Corinthian capitals (in the first and second floors), Arcata su pilasters, largely blind (in the ground floor) and triangular pediments (in the foreground). Both sides are crowned by large gables and a series of statues, placed on top of the entablature.
The interior, all characterized by mosaic floors, reflect the eclectic tastes typically nineteenth-century, since environments looking neoclassical, are complemented by one neo-Gothic, and one neo-rococo.
The park, significantly reduced compared with the original extension, host trees, that create the magnificent setting of Villa.





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photo by Giuseppe Pepe

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