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To Colorandum

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Fun and easy interactive Setup, open to all active during the event.

Villa Tittoni façade facing the Court entrance ’ is animated from unpublished architectural projections.
The public can draw, coloring and create his own vision on printed sheets provided by the Organization.
All drawings, digitally acquired and processed, protagonists of the projection on the façade that will welcome the public.
The Villa comes to life through the light and colors, offering an entertaining and engaging.
The installation also collects contributions from the web, previously made from those who have joined the project.


Friday 25 and Saturday 26
from 20.30 to 24

Draw and color the Villa as you prefer >
Or, go to point to COLORANDUM in Corte di Villa Tittoni, you will find printed paper and markers to make your Villa, which will then be acquired in real-time and projected.

Project realized with the contribution of the Community Foundation of Monza and Brianza.




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