Kernel Festival




/Piazza del Duomo, Messina

Festival of short films by audiovisual mapping.
The façade of the Cathedral of Messina becomes protagonist and inspiration of short films made by internationally renowned artists and young talents of the platform Kernel.
The historic Cathedral is revived with the different interpretations proposed by audiovisual artists.

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The Cathedral of Messina has characteristics that distinguish it from other architectural constructions, bringing together two souls. it's’ one of the first Gothic buildings in Sicily while keeping Norman features with distinctive elements of both periods that do not interfere with each other. From this inspired work, complex structures and geometric shapes which are characteristic elements of these two styles.



What would the good without the bad? White would be white without black? The existence of evil inevitably leads to the existence of good. A dualism in looks, in religion, in politics , in art and in many other things. The challenge is to understand what the barrier and accept it as proposed to us. On this dualism man has always felt the need to reflect and address a moral look on things in the world, about life and its artistic expressions. In the installation that we also offer this look. A trip between games in our architectural vision of good and evil.



Using pictorial techniques most popular styles, Souvenirs d ’ # Artist Messina, pays tribute to the history of modern and contemporary art ’ through 15 unique works made with mixed media on paper, transforming the façade of the Cathedral in an extemporaneous work of art ’.



Everything in the universe is arranged according to a precise balance, governed by cosmic laws. Sourced from a primordial chaos items (fire, air, water, and Earth) underlying order of things and the Organization of the universe. Each item cannot exist without the other, having the ability to morph into one another. But what happens if these items meet the light?



Born from the collaboration of multiple ' minds, the project reflects the true soul of its creators. Mainly devoted to live performance, We develop- to a non-linear narrative. With an audio track from groove and a minimal scene sequences in black and white that highlight the architectural elements of the Cathedral, the aim is to disorient and engage the onus is- tore, catapulting dreamlike scenery.



A white woman inhabits the façade of the Duomo with its dance. the dome lights and playing with architecture transparency seems to dance with her.



A dedicated video games of the past and the retroludica culture that explores the evolution of the videogame field until the fourth generation console. Inspired by Patrick Jean in his short film. “Pixels” where the classic arcade games of the 1980 travel to New York City and began to devour it in blocks of 8 b it.



Acronym for ’ English What You See Is What You Get.
The term field of ’ computer science that refers to the problem of getting "out of paper" as displayed on the screen.
WYSIWYG is also a lighting simulation software, used to create a realistic preview of the effects that certain fixtures would if installed on the Cathedral of Messina. A game that is confident in the immediacy of the avowed ’ perception, experimenting in the projection of a pure language lighting.

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