Kernel Festival

Visual Artists

National and international visual artists starring in Audiovisual Mapping programmed in Piazza del Duomo in Messina 4 and 5 September.



Collective of multi-media artists based in Italy and in the United Kingdom, founded in 2009 by Federico Petrei and Filippo Genesini and later grew with the arrival of Luca Ferro, Raoul Battilani, Emanuele Russo and F. Paul Mallen. The training experience is based on performance Audio / Video and VJ-ing, activities that have been explored by artists in different contexts, such architectural projections (mapping) and interactive installations



Cultural Association, founded in 2006 in Turin by Serena Zanconato and Rajan Craveri. Micron creates performance researching topics and languages able to reach people of different nationalities and backgrounds, with a particular interest in the use of new technologies, to search an interaction between humans, technology and nature.



Collective of multimedia artists composed by Andrea Criscione, Giovanni Mezzasalma and Andrea Campo. Thanks to their different backgrounds (video editing, Web design, VJing, videomaking) design and develop various jobs, including video mapping projects and video installations.




The collective Hz_Lab, formed by Salvo Allegrezza, Antonio Disilvestro and Sebastiano Incardona, born from the passion of three boys for artistic innovations, where each menber of the group makes available their knowledge, ranging from graphics to 3d animations to video editing until music mixing.



Design studio located in Istanbul with cross-discipline expertise in graphic design, digital and motion graphics and sound design. A multidisciplinary creative hub focused on interactive new media platforms, , offering direction, art direction and also producing video mapping projections..



Multimedia Studio based in Italy (Bari and Naples), with focus on New Technologies, applied to arts specialized in their application in museum field for promotion of cultural heritage.. Applications varies from video mapping and A/V performances, to interactive installations, to virtual sets for theatres.. Involved in the curation of international festivals dedicated to new technologies (i.e.. GlowFestival).



Duo composed by Riccardo Puglisi and Emilio Messina based in Catania. Riccardo combines her studies with electronics projects related to creativity, interactivity, graphics and photography. Emilio, is a Vj/Videomaker, he supervised the production of several videomapping, music videos and promos.



In addition to public art projects owned, events and interactive installations, AreaOdeon directs his artistic research in the audiovisual field, developing performance of audiovisual mapping that place particular emphasis on the relationship between architectural context, culture and local history.

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