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The myth of Prometheus has always represented for the whole of humanity a fierce warning that prudence in daring underwear. Point your finger on the arrogance of humans and their willingness to defy the laws of Heaven. At the same time is also instigating revolution understood in its noblest sense: stop being slaves to the will of others and choose to be masters of their own destiny.
Our operates “reflects” on the reasons why this semi-god to steal the secrets of nature to offer people, often undeserving, the ability to be free.




Representation of structural change and the aesthetics of the architecture given by the course of time and attacks by external agents represented by the perennial struggle between man and man and between man and nature to a complete de-construction, a mutation / reconstruction halfway between eras and biotechnology. The development will pass through different stages: the building will be the protagonist of a series of lighting effects and deformations purely aesthetic in order to intrigue and entertain the viewer. During the second phase, the building will suffer the effect of time, aging due to weathering. At a later stage will be the man to affect the structure. Shadows of helicopters and bullets, silhouettes of soldiers looking out the window to shoot on public. In the final phase, defeated man, nature takes over again: further deterioration of the building and suppleness that becomes one with nature, reinterpreted on biotechnology. A layer of ivy will cover the entire structure and with time will change and evolve, giving life to a creature made of bright neuro connections that will resume the original shape of the building.




A journey through different times, space and human activities, using architectures already (what) existing in the villa. The opening scene, that of a metaphorical sea, is an interpretation of an iconic journey that want to explore unknown places and spaces, in a time ancestral and archetypal, time of myths and gods. It then goes to the market, symbol of human interaction and the principle of communication. The third step is a bourgeois home where the interaction between geometric blocks represents the industrial revolution, the culmination of human activities. At the end we have two representations of the Villa, in two dimensions and different languages: a complex and super-structured architecture on the one hand, the expression of simplicity the other, or better a return to simplicity, possible only after the experience of the complexity.




In un museo, entirely dedicated to video mapping, an unsuspecting visitor finds himself in spite of himself to be the protagonist of a real obstacle course. In one dimension completely unknown to him he will have to deal with visions and mysterious worlds, that will arise from his view in a succession swirling and non-stop.
The involvement is total and the laborious, but wonderful adventure, will involve him physically and emotionally, room after room.
A’ experience new and full of twists and turns, that requires firmness and initiative, qualities that fortunately belong to our character, funny, but at the same time brave.







The importance “Event” understood as a natural occurrence that can have a value destructive or creative, coexistence between shadow and light, and the presence of the unpredictability, are the ideas on which the group has been working for the creation and development of this project. The work aims to investigate the possibility that owns the material destroyed by disasters digital, to recreate, with different qualities while maintaining the same “DNA”. The architecture therefore becomes living, partaker of his emotionally mutation.




Experimental architectural projection where we compare the classical architecture of Villa Traversi Tittoni with contemporary forms and graphic design.


MENTAL structure


The history of Villa Tittoni as past, present and future represented in 3 parts, referring to the architecture and philosophy of overlap. Archetype indicating its historical power. Autopoiesis refers to his renovation, redefining the relationship between structure and function. Finally, in the virtuality which is linked to the future, potential refers to the multitude of possible states that can occur.




Facce and figure
Secure and deface
Forms the ESCA
Deformed, distorted
Points, lines
points to the line .
Un ode all’effimero
A Dream …







‘Online Games’ is set in a future where the Internet has become a direct exchange of data between the brains. The knowledge, information and experiences connect, charge and discharge, but there is always the possibility that the data remains trapped in the network. A short adventure that reflects our growing interaction with the technological support.




The start will be orchestrated by a vigorous and peaceful greenery which will open a glimpse of prehistoric life wildlife.
A voice will follow a family of dinosaurs struggling with the news of the Cretaceous: famine.
Reduced to the constant search for food and shelter trying to hide behind bankruptcy so that vegetation slowly and mysteriously disappear into the night. From the garish light of a vegetation watercolor to a black and deep silence, where the only white sign can illustrate the drama of history (: the well!). In the night so you suddenly reveal the cause of the plants disappeared with the arrival on the scene of a presence delusional.. Spietatissime butterflies that played up to capacity devour all vegetation leaving our beloved dinosaurs hungry. When the last leaf will be eaten and the villa will be devoured, you will return to the SPACE.

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Short films out of competition





30 HZ


30 = hz frequency audio-visual abstract, black and white, synesthetic perceptions, optical illusions ...




Architectural excursus through the different eras



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