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Simone Arcagni

Researcher at University of Palermo. New media and technologies scholar, he collaborates with Nòva - The Sun 24 Hours, Oxygen, Technonews, Segnocinema, Everything Digital and other popular science publications. He directs Screencity (International Academic Journal). He is a consultant and collaborator of festivals, conferences and magazines. His latest book is called City Screen.

Marcello Arosio

Kernel Festival art director. Architect, artist and researcher; he experiments with light, image and interactivity. He has developed projects in Spain, United States, Mexico, England, Italy, investigating the relationship between social dynamics, systems, strategies, structures, devices and technologies. He has produced cross-cultural projects in NYC, Barcelona, Bristol, Zurich, Belgrade. In 2000, in New York, he founded X-it Studio, multi-disciplinary lab, and in 2005, in Monza, founded AreaOdeon where he is art director.

Emilio Cozzi

Critic and journalist. He is vice-director of Zero. He collaborates with several national magazines (Cineforum, Vogue, L'Uomo Vogue, Rolling Stone) specifically focusing on film and music. For Sole 24 Hours (Domenica and Nova) he writes of video games and
video game culture. He is columnist for the specialized site He has dedicated the book I'll tell you a film to the cinema world, written with Roberto Escobar and published by Routledge.

Federico Frasson

Advertising agent, co-funder and project manager at hiWHIM, international network of creative innovations and interactive space. He is an expert in communication strategies for business growth. Since 2000 owner of Fkdesign, advertising agency that works with national and international companies to create new standards of excellence in the development of brand values, increasing their competitiveness in the market.


Marco Mancuso

Critic, curator and consultant in digital technologies applied to art, design and contemporary culture. Founder and director of Digicult and Digimag Journal, he teaches at SUPSI University of Lugano, NABA and IED in Milan, Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara of Bergamo. With Digicult Agency he has produced and co-curated a series of events and has been partner of the most important national and international media art festivals. He collaborates with various press publications and has edited the publication The Open Future for the magazine MCD in 2012. He was also included in the book Cultural Blogging in Europe by observatory in 2010.

Matteo Milani

Award winning sound designer and sound artist. He has written for renowned italian audio magazines and built an international sound community in the blog called Unidentified Sound Object. He is always current on trends in the world of interactive sound, from mobile apps to instruments and audio for films. He also composes experimental music and develops interactive soundscapes for multimedia installations and live events.
In addition to producing and delivering sound libraries, his expertise covers music mixing for jingles and discography, ultimately extending his services to mastering for digital music distribution.

Jacopo Rondinelli

Director, designer and multimedia artist, Jacopo Rondinelli begins his artistic career in the world of cinema. Then he follows a number of projects related to interior design, simultaneosly he cultivates a passion for music and founded the musical collective Jetlag. His experience in the record leads him into direct contact with the world of video installations, music videos and the direction of several videoclip with which he won several awards. Recently, he follows the direction and production of commercials and documentaries; he follows the creativity and the direction of events and multimedia projects.

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