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Workshop – My first tête-à-tête with 3D printing

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My first tête-à-tête with 3D printing
Come with us to make your first steps to learn how to print three-dimensional objects with the MakerBot, the printer open-source Extrusion.
We will explore some free software to create the file, we will examine some of the objects shared by the online community, modify them, convert them into formats to feed the Makerbot and, at last, I will print some.

When: 4 Friday hours 29 June, hours 14-18

Materials: Each participant will use their laptop on which will install the necessary software free (provided by the organization)

Teachers: Zoe Romano (WeFab)

She has a degree in philosophy and a passion for technology is co-founder of the open-source project of the European collaborative fashion and, a series of events for the dissemination of digital fabrication and design of open Italia.Ha participated in the creation of initiatives of social activism as Saint Precarious and its anagram Serpica Naro, the designer imagined accepted in the official calendar of fashion week.

Costantino Bongiorno
He graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. I have worked in the field of machine tools in Italy and abroad. I have also been interested in home automation and the world's microcontrollers. In 2008 I started to work with Massimo Banzi (Arduino Team), organizzanodo tra l’altro workshop, meetings and events entitled "people doing strange things with the eletttricità". From 2011 collaboro Vectorealism come with CTO & COO.

WeFab is an informal group born at the end of 2010 with the aim of creating events and workshops for the dissemination of new technologies related to the open-source, open-design e al rapid prototyping (fabbing) in the design and fashion.
WeFab wants to become a hub of design-on-demand production, sharing of infrastructure, technology and knowledge in design and fashion. The goal is to make concrete sustainable growth of micro-entrepreneurship with particular attention to open-source and collaborative processes.

Cost:25 euro SUBSCRIBE via PAYPAL

Registration for the workshop will close on 27 June. The activation of the workshop is subject to the achievement of the minimum number of participants required. If this number is not reached, the participants will be refunded via Paypal.

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