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Workshop – Electronic Musical Base and Circuit Building

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Electronic music and basic circuit building: build our first synthesizer.
The course aims to teach basic welding techniques and reading wiring diagrams.
Participants will be introduced to the magical world of electronics, following a path step by step.
Starting from a simple circuit diagram of a basic circuit, participants must be able to know how to read this diagram and reproduce, using the components indicated, so you can build and run correctly.
Participants will be provided with everything necessary for the realization of the circuit. The circuits implemented will focus more on generating audio: oscillators, filters, Envelopes, up to the creation of a small and simple synthesizer.
During the two days of the course, which will take place in the form of practical laboratory, will explain the basic theoretical concepts, regarding the electric current, and the purpose and operation of the various components used in these circuits which: resistance, capacitors, led, transistor.

Struttura del workshop
– reading and understanding the wiring diagram
– identification of the required components
– assembly components
– welding techniques
– final testing with eventual resolution of faults \ errors

When:12 ore in 2 day Saturday 30 June, hours 11-18 (including an hour lunch break)Sunday 1 July, hours 11-18 (including an hour lunch break)

Il workshop รจ rivolto a: anyone interested in learning more about the basic circuits of electronic musical instruments, despite not having absolutely no knowledge of electronics and soldering.

Materials: the necessary materials will be provided during the course.

Teaching: John Mambretti (Otolab)
He contributed to the founding of the LEP, Popular Electronic Laboratory, that promotes a critical use of technology with particular reference to the electronic hardware and software on the bare metal (namely that interacts with the electrical signals within a tab bypassing proprietary drivers) organizing courses and seminars on using hardware design and recycling.
In recent years he has worked with various media artists for the creation of electronic, audio-video installations and is a member of the collective Otolab.
It is the designer of the Leploop, musical instrument analog product in dozens of copies around the world.

Cost: 100 euro (Materials including) SUBSCRIBE via PAYPAL

Registration for the workshop will close on 27 June. The activation of the workshop is subject to the achievement of the minimum number of participants required. If this number is not reached, the participants will be refunded via Paypal.

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