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Define Ephemeral.
The architectural focus of this edition of Kernel Festival goes towards the possibility of an ephemeral architecture that, in addition to wink at some levity technological, knows how to carve – compared to an urban transformation that takes place on the time necessary for – the dual role of foreshadowing of a future change and element able to trigger it and make it possible.
But it is the ephemeral architecture, as they have been designed so far - between marginality and pallets -, having to leave the mark of research during this crisis, or you can work in an area that is so fine, but because of emotions, while maintaining the heavy project?
The seminar organized by Luca Diffuse offers possibilities for ephemeral sentimental and evocative, to imagine concrete architectures and non-marginal. Something that now touches the heart just to think, but then maybe that will take its shape and its weight.
This will be the sensitivity that will guide a first reconnaissance of the area chosen this year by the Kernel Festival (ban), then produce scenarios poetic architecture, but not at all shy.

A few words more on the approach (by Luca Diffuse)
Kernel is one of the few festivals that maintains a section dedicated to research in architecture. Grazie Kernel. Architecture here takes on something of the sensitivity of the disciplines around which the festival has been organized, taking the adjective temporary. The best contribution that architecture can give a seminar in this area is that of an unpublished attention to this type of provisional.
Why here, I have the impression that the drive towards ephemeral architecture is necessary, but totally out of the way. If you push yourself as an architect at the margins of social and productive life certainly one of the possibilities is to start aestheticise of these margins. If your professional field narrows, you can even start to talk fondly about things like interstitial spaces, if you do not see a construction site for a year then we're also starting to play with pallets. Also because they are all dynamics that play at least in the sense of a new adherence to reality.
Che poi - Vedi Kernel – architecture becomes too ephemeral to some uncertainty with respect to disciplines (musical research and Graphics) that the ephemeral can afford it and who have continued in recent years at a rate of fun and overall aesthetics significantly higher.
The other imaginary rather present the Kernel and who worked on this insecurity is the technological. First with the bale of sustainability and then claiming to renew indefinitely some performance to date – it is worth remembering – amounted to good or evil power outlet + Internet + from your smartphone to laptop. So now anyone can take home their favorite technology and then I do not feel urgent to propose architectures capable of some performance unless you're talking about a performance poetry. Why is this gradual reduction commitment, this self-exclusion aesthetics otherwise not working – in a time of crisis – the possibility that things will change later.
Then, maybe that is not the ephemeral, that even today it seems necessary, must cover more tension to the emotional possibilities of the project rather than give for granted a reduction in weight?

When: 18 ore in 3 arrival on Friday 29 June, hours 11-18 (including an hour lunch break) Saturday 30 June, hours 11-18 (including an hour lunch break) Sunday 1 July, hours 11-18 (including an hour lunch break)

Il workshop รจ rivolto a: Architects, writers, graphics, designers and those who have to do with the construction of the image in the various ways in which this is possible (you do not need qualifications)

Equipment necessary for participation:
– laptop photo editing program (photoshop o similare)
– digital camera (not require any special features)
– markers blacks of various cuts and pencils of various hardnesses

Teaching: Luca Diffuse
Draw, writes and produces architectural projects, which often have to do with contemporary art and fashion.
In 2010 opened his own agency in Rome architecture.
He likes to work on small projects, maybe learning from conduct that the most striking, like when people daydream. He writes short stories about things like that happen to see these stories and then become projects, through which to introduce so delicate in their daily lives feeling some unpublished. The use of illustrations and design it helps a lot to find the evocative and suspended that interests.

Cost:120 euro SUBSCRIBE via PAYPAL
Registration for the workshop will close on 27 June. The activation of the workshop is subject to the achievement of the minimum number of participants required. If this number is not reached, the participants will be refunded via Paypal.

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Photo by Giorgio Verdiani

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