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3D Stereoscopic Projection Mapping: Methodologies and design of a 3D Projection Mapping + Stereoscopic contents in anaglyph mode
The 3D projection mapping is an experimental technique that allows to transform a projection surface, whether it be of an object or a building, in a screen on which to project video content created from the features of its geometry.
In recent years has established itself as one of the most innovative forms and diffuse approach to video projections in different sectors, from the show to the marketing.
During the workshop we will analyze all the theoretical and practical aspects of the development of a productive project of mapping through the reverse engineering of a work created by Roberto Fazio. Participants will learn about all the various stages of processing of a draft standard video mapping, gettatate and will also be the basis for understanding the potential in creating stereoscopic content in anaglyph mode intended for video projection mapping.

Struttura del workshop:
Saturday 30 June, hours 11-18
Introduction and Iter project
● Overview and analysis of video mapping projects 1.0 and 2.0
● Evaluation of the feasibility of a proposed 3D Projection Mapping
● Analysis of the structure and architectural evaluation of the spaces
● Photo surveying and 3D modeling on the structure popup mapping carried out by the Kernel
● Setting up the project preparation stage and virtual 3D in Cinema 4D
Sunday 1 July, hours 11-18
Concept and Design:
● Concept , search and visual language (tone, feeling, graphic style), storyboard testuale o visuale
● Development of stereoscopic 3D video content, animation, texturing and lighting con Cinema 4D e con il tool Element.Map
● Management of the technical overview and working tools.

When: 12 ore in 2 day Saturday 30 June, hours 11-18 (including an hour lunch break)Sunday 1 July, hours 11-18 (including an hour lunch break)

Il workshop è rivolto a: video designers, creative, and students who want to learn how to develop projects for professional video mapping events, in commercial contexts and cultural.

Prerequisites: it's’ A good knowledge of the major graphics programs and video editing software and a basic understanding of polygon modeling 3d, animation, texturing, lighting e rendering in Cinema 4D. It is also advisable to carry the instruments of labor (Illustrator and Cinema 4d) already installed to speed up the set-up.

Teaching: Roberto Fazio
Roberto Fazio is creative director, interaction designer e insegnante. His work explores the aesthetic and experiential possibilities of linking 3d visual mapping, interaction design and creative programming code, aiming to create a visual experience turned into a course of sensory perception.
In recent years his research has focused on projects of 3d architectural mapping, with the conception and the realization of three-dimensional content designed specifically for large buildings.
In 2011 Study Roberto Fazio was born as an area of ​​research and experimentation with headquarters in Bologna, that operates in Interaction Design. The aim of the study is to disseminate knowledge that can become collective and create a network in which we can expand creativity through interdisciplinary exchange. The fields of research and interest are: Interactive Projection Mapping, Stereoscopic installation, Generative Art, Data Visualization, Creative Code.
Roberto presents workshops and discussions on the 3d architectural mapping and live media at private, institutions and festivals.

Assistant : Mauro Ferrario
Mauro Ferrario è un interaction designer e web developer. It focuses primarily on projects of interaction and visual design. After attending IED Milano, began working as a web developer at Smallfish, where he still collaborates. During the last few years, the interest in programming and digital art led him to investigate other programming languages ​​such as OpenFrameworks.
From 2012 Roberto Fazio joined the firm as a creative coder with the intent to experiment with new solutions aimed at the realization of innovative artistic projects.

Cost:120 euro SUBSCRIBE via PAYPAL
Registration for the workshop will close on 27 June. The activation of the workshop is subject to the achievement of the minimum number of participants required. If this number is not reached, the participants will be refunded via Paypal.

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