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The work is a hexagonal structure of wooden planks placed next to a natural tree. The artificial tree and the tree outline a natural transition, to indicate a middle road as conscious choice between extremes.
The artificial tree is made up of six-axis and the sound is transmitted through the material, When so allowing the visitor to experience the tactile and acoustic sound.
The dialectic between acoustic and tactile perception emerges the idea of ​​a relationship, a constant and continuous dialogue between the natural world and the artificial world.

By Alexander Arban, Brian Burgan, Yuri Dimitrov, Filippo Guide, Cristina Roveredo, Francesco Tammaccaro

Teachers: Alessandro Perini, Sylviane Sapir


Audio-video interactive installation that explores the imaginative reconstruction of an ancestral psychology, istintiva e violenta. Sounds harsh, indefinite surround the area and lead to the entrance of the small
cave, an opening where the visitor is invited to bring their own face inside. Here you see the deformed face of a primitive hominid, evoked during a trip into space, including sculptures polyhedral irregular beatings by clanging and noise.

By Luke and Mark Mucci Verdi

Teachers: Alessandro Perini, Sylviane Sapir


What does the forest when we did not?

The park visitor has the opportunity to listen to an unusual and normally impossible. He is attracted, along its path, by small “stories”; Haiku sound popular among the trees and consist of “new” concrete sounds. The installation is based on the poetry that comes from unexpected associations of the sounds themselves, chosen by the world around us, or specially created, leaving plenty of room for the imagination of the visitor.

Ad opera di Francesco Anelli, Federica Lomagistro, Corrado Gioppi, Davide Gubitoso e Roberto Marelli

Teachers: Enrico Ascoli, Riccardo Castaldi



Pre-delay Musicircus

At a time when back in urgent reflection on participatory processes, NABA SOUND propone l’installazione di PRE-DELAY/// musicircus. Diffuso in live streaming in NABA SOUND /// webradio
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Teaching: Igor Muroni


Here and there

This work is characterized by porcelain bowls handmade, which will be activated from the standpoint of sound and suspended from trees to create a listening environment spatialized. The bowls will be made to resonate by the transducers that transform each bowl in a sort of speaker. Each object will maintain a presence sounding material distinct, while the total work situates the unfolding of musical composition in a natural environment.

Ad opera di: Ethan Rose

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