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Sound Park is a new open space of the Kernel Festival, in the context of the natural park of Villa Traversi in Desio Tittoni, location of the second edition of the Festival. An initiative that invites us to reflect on the relationship between art and context, artifice and nature. More specifically, proposes an investigation of the mechanisms that can stimulate an unusual interpretation of the auditory dimension in relation to other perceptual dimensions.

The project involves the construction of a series of sound installations that, during the period of the Festival, they're going to enhance the park, inserting in its natural landscape, without denying the harmony, definition of an unpublished horizon. The works will be designed, produced and arranged, by the students of some prestigious academies, in order to give the participants a valuable opportunity for visibility and an international comparison.

The young students, artists and musicians, selected by their teachers to represent their own individual institution, will be asked to prepare and set up sound installations wishing to communicate with the beauty of the park and the natural elements of the landscape, helping to create a new and evocative soundscape, visual and perceptual. The reflections of sound installations will so stimulate the artistic sensibility and awareness of wildlife visitors, who will be invited to interpret the environment according to a new emotional perspective.

These academies involved:

Como Conservatory IED NabaSound SAIC

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