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Art collective dedicated to the interaction between art, fashion and technology. The work comes from an interdisciplinary perspective that combines the language of fashion with digital technology to raise awareness on social and environmental issues.


The convergence of disciplines, Gabriel Pulecio [graphics] unisce a si Mike Russek [physics] and Chris Lane for the second installation of Metalloid Trooper, this time based on experience and interactive live.

Nuno SerrĂ£o

Come artista, his work reflects a multidisciplinary past. He started as a programmer in the early 90s, is passed to the design in the middle of the same year and has been awarded as Flash Evangelist in the early years 2000. Currently investigates interactive art while maintaining meanwhile his work as artistic director at urbanistasdigitais.

TVIGA Vasilyeva

Create jobs “site-specific” and interdisciplinary, exploring the landscape, e the nature environment. Artistic practice Tviga also embraces the use of technology, audio, video and sculpture and often involves collaboration with a wide range of organizations and other professionals.


Studio creativo basato ad Hong Kong. The study formed in 2008 focuses on the artistic creations multimedia. The group has been invited to various festivals, projections and international performance and has exhibited in several cities, incluse Shangai, Tokyo, Korea, Taiwan, Norway, and Argentina ... XEX means creating the non-existence.


matteo riva


Electronic Engineer. Director, author and performer for the theater company “Musical Box”. Collabora with Zetalab, design studio in Milan, works for which he made interactive digital advertising purposes, didattico o museale.

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