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Established developing public art projects and interactive installations, AreaOdeon in recent years has focused its artistic research in the audiovisual field, involving personalities of different expertise in the development of audiovisual mapping performances that emphasize the close relationship between architectural context, local culture and history.
Among the performances produced, the one made ​​at the Villa Reale in Monza -Lombardy’s historic/artistic heritage- with its 4500 square meters of video projection and eight-channel spatialized sound system engineer, is one of the most complex and immersive systems realized ​​in Europe.



Collective of artists and designers from media arts, architecture, and experimental sound and space research. Over the years, we developed audio-visual installations and performances in a dialectical process, focusing on realtime interaction and generative art.


The myth of Prometheus has always been a fierce warning for all of humanity that intimate care in daring. Our work “reflects” on the reasons that pushed this semi-god to steal the secrets of nature to offer people, often unworthy, the ability to be free.


Motion graphic designer dedicated to real time live visual performances. His visual sets combine animated 3D graphics, audio reactive visuals and code-generated spaces. He has performed all around the world at parties, concerts and festivals and is an active member of the Swiss VJ community.



New media artist, visual performer and PhD researcher at the University of Texas, Austin, focused in topics such as mediated liveness and live cinema. He is also the founder of the visual performance project Datagrama.


Video artist that, since 2002, has been working in the area of the experimental theatre and live performance. He deals with the design and the realization of audiovisual systems, videomaking, patchworking software. He synthesizes his expressive language with the realization of visual and vjset for the electronic music.


Network of visual artists dedicated to vjing, 3D animation and video editing.


Based in Philadelphia, King Britt has forged a path as a producer, musician, and DJ for over 20 years. Mike Todd is an engineer and VJ from Portland, OR that employs generative systems to create real-time effects. Together they perform improvised experiments to merge the worlds of audio and video.


Séverin Leblanc aka Seve is graphic designer and visual artist.

Céline is responsible of pedagogic mediation in Heure Exquise ! Conceptor and director of festival (Visiosonic, Electronic Landscapes).With Seve, she offers her photographic material.


Visual artist who, feeding on new technologies in contemporary culture, composes and combines live video, interacting with music, conveying feelings and rhythm in a live session where image is as important as sound. Within the parameters of the new media, she brings the medium of videojockey to a new experience through video-mapping technique: animating volumes that lose their static stability, turning any surface into a dynamic video display using its morphology.


An audiovisual experience that explores communication between visualisations and music instruments. Performance is processed live with effects that emphasize musicians’ idiosyncrasies.


Luca and Claudio Agnani Cimini since 2010 workas visual designer on Italian architecture. Their work is a journey of colors, shadows and 3D physics.


Video artist and editor based in Amsterdam. She has studied Film theory and Media research. Her work is characterized by the mixing of layers, realities and spaces. Her aim is to bring cinematic experiences out of their conventional spaces by the use of new media and techniques.


The collaborative projects between Welovecode and Tigrelab combine both worlds: graphic creativity in 3D and motion graphics by Tigrelab and generative visual design and physical interaction by Welovecode.



Audio-video operator and producer, director of photography, lighting designer and performer. Features exhibitions of photography, video and art projects between Europe and the United States and produces electronic music with the duo Spleenveil.

Thanks to the Provincia di Monza e Brianza and to the Foundation of the Community of Monza and Brianza.

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