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Many international artists have participated in the Festival, con performance, installations, conferenze e workshop.

Troy Pierce – Minus/Berlin/Germany


Troy Pierce was born in Indiana. He signed his recording debut solo at the end of 2004 with “Restore”, an album that combines the melodic sensibility and a minimalist influences ranging from acid house to techno-pop 80s sound of Detroit. Troy has also published material record under the alias of Louderbach, with whom he has recently published the album “Enemy Love” e Slacknoise, e ha remixato artisti come Ellen Allien e The Knife. The American artist is driven by a constant curiosity towards new frontiers of technology applied to music and not coincidentally is currently working on a project together with Magda able to incorporate multiple laptops and other devices in order to achieve a set closer to the concept of live performance rather than the traditional DJ set.

_2011 _Electronic Sound and Music



Having earned the title of “Record of the Year” 2008 Resident Advisor with the debut “Shedding The Past”, Shed is now back with his second album. One of the few producers and DJs in circulation aware of how impossible it is to write in the future without a hint of tradition, the Berlin, with “The Traveller”, remains among the most innovative artists of the electronic music scene.

_2011 _Electronic Sound and Music

Moritz von Oswald Trio

-Moritz von Oswald trio-web

Moritz von Oswald is one of the key figures of the underground techno since the 90s, when he founded the Basic Channel sound mark. In 2010, insieme to Vladislav Delay and Max Loderbauer, began the new adventure of the Moritz Von Oswald Trio, tra specific music, techno berlinese, krautrock e musica etnica, as in last year's debut of “Vertical Ascent” and the recent album “Live In New York”, that takes advantage of the collaboration of Carl Craig and Francois K. von Oswald

_2011 _Electronic Sound and Music

DJ Spooky


Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky) is a writer, artist and musician who lives and works in New York. His first award-winning book Rhythm Science was published by MITPress in 2005, Sound Unbound seguita of it 2008. Miller's work has been exhibited in museums and biennials around the world. He has performed in a wide variety of venues including the Tate Modern, the Guggenheim Museum and the Theatre of Herodes Atticus at the Acropolis, and has worked with a wide variety of artists, da Chuck a Yoko Ono. The iPhone application that developed with Soft Music Arts has been downloaded over 3,5 million times.

Probably no one better embodies and is responsible for propagating the idea of ​​the deejay as “Artist” di DJ Spooky, whose ambitious, processed, often hypnotic soundscapes are remarkable both for their eclectic imagination and for their post-modern intellectualism.” – Chicago Tribune

_2011 _2012 _Electronic Sound and Music

Kode9 – live

Kode9 web

Artist, DJ and founder of the influential label Hyperdub, leader of the dubstep sound. Although he was born in the city of Glasgow, in Scotland, Kode9 is genetically a “junglist”. Start DJing in 1990 a 16 year old, playing a fusion of reggae, breaks, hip hop, jazz funk e house. It is then overwhelmed by the appearance of breakbeat hardcore scene, jungle and Drum'n ' bass and has since renewed its break with ragga vocal and bass “bubblin '”. In the 90s he played in all over the UK, da Edimburgo a Coventry. In 1997 he moved to London, letting infected by the sounds darker than the emergent 2step garage scene.

_2011 _Electronic Sound and Music

Mother Inc.


Born in Lecco in 97/98, after the first party on the beaches of Domaso, Lake Como, Mother Inc. he moved to Milan where, for the past six seasons, anima le serate “This is DNB!” Magnolia. The selection of Mike V, Death, Vidya DJ and MC's voice Ardimann are the soul of the collective, After two seasons with the program “Lifegate Groove” su LifeGate Radio, in 2008 came out with the first single dubstep vinyl, homonymous label Mother Inc Sound Rec.

_2011 _Electronic Sound and Music


Image 2

Tonylight lives and works in Milan.
Musician and experimenter, was immediately attracted to the world of 8 bit, character of electronic music but to free trials of various kinds. “Sounds” il Game Boy dal 2001 and other old computer as the Nes or the Atari ST and located in the scene to 8 bit a new freshness and lightness, suggested by the narrowness and simplicity of the means, typical of past years.

_2011 _Electronic Sound and Music

Lab Frequency


Born in 2006 Parma, with the intention of promoting dub music from its origins to its evolution.
Characterized by the fusion of dub and electronic, dal roots al dubstep, start as a DJ and then decide to bring their productions to the evening, building a real live set.
They have shared the stage with artists such as OnDubGround, Zion Train, Mad Professor (a Bruxelles, Belgium during the Tour 2010) and currently collaborate with the French label “Original Dub Gathering”.

_2011 _Electronic Sound and Music



Founded in 2000, Telenoika was created as a group of artists dedicated to audiovisual creation, eager to share, and present to the public the constant and continuous innovation of artistic languages, generated thanks to the democratization that the intervention of new audiovisual technologies, become familiar, meant. After ten years in business, Telenoika has managed to involve a large community of artists interested in the interrelationships, development and a chance to show their attention to the company. It is with the latter that the community interacts, maintaining good contacts with other associations, businesses, individuals and groups associated with the field of new technologies.
The group has participated in numerous national and international festivals, tra cui Sonar, LPM, Background, Biennial of Vilanova, WHAT, Rec or Bogotraxx.

_2011 _2012 _Audiovisual Mapping



Established by developing participatory public art projects and interactive installations, AreaOdeon in recent years has focused his artistic research in the audiovisual field, involving personalities from different fields in the development of performance of audiovisual mapping which place particular emphasis on the close relationship between architectural context, culture and local history. Among the performance produced, that achieved at Villa Reale in Monza -Heritage historical / artistic Lombardy- 4500mq with its projection to 270 ° and spatialized audio system octophonic, is among the most complex and immersive made in Europe.

_2011 _2012 _Audiovisual Mapping

Roberto Fazio


Roberto Fazio is a 3D Interaction and visual designer. His work explores the aesthetic and experiential possibilities of linking 3d visual mapping, interaction design and creative programming code, aiming to create a visual experience turned into a course of sensory perception. In recent years his research has focused on projects of 3d architectural mapping, with the conception and the realization of three-dimensional content designed specifically for large buildings.
Roberto presents workshops, workshop e discussioni sul 3d architectural mapping presso meeting, institutions and festivals with the aim of disseminating knowledge that can become collective and create a network where you can expand the artistic creativity through the exchange.
The music of the performance that Roberto Fazio presents the Kernel Festival is produced by Be Invisible Now!.

_2011 _2012 _Audiovisual Mapping



Artista visivo, works on multiple forms exploring the space, tra video, audio, photography, installations, live performance and print. Quayola creates worlds where real substance, such as natural or architectural matter, constantly changing in ephemeral objects, allowing the real and the artificial to coexist harmoniously. Explores the ambiguity of realism in the digital reality by integrating materials “computer-generated” with sources recorded.
Working both in the arts than in the commercial, Quayola experiences mediums traditionally perceived as separate. He currently lives in London, where he is active as a visual artist, graphic designer e director; constantly collaborates with many musicians, Animators, programmers and architects, creating hybrid works that transcend the boundaries between art, design e cinema.

_2011 _Interactive and Digital Art

Alex Posada


Creator Digital, researcher in the field of interactive new media, producer and composer.
From 2002 starts to work, in Barcelona, on interactive design, electronic art projects and the development of physical interfaces for musical instruments.
Created a number of interactive installations and sound and leads many workshops focusing on artistic creation in relation to new technologies and interactivity.
He currently directs and coordinates the electronics lab and interactive design of Hangar: production center for visual arts in Barcelona. He worked as a multimedia producer and artist in Dorkbot Barcelona and Neuronoise.

_2011 _Interactive and Digital Art

Angelo Plessas


Angelo Plessas lives and works in Athens. His works consist of web pages that take shape as an "object" animated, related to a domain that represents the title and place. These web objects often resemble sculptural portraits of imaginary characters, funny and touching, strange and romantic. In his work Plessas combines the iconography of ancient civilizations, surreal abstractions and modernist references to the identity of the imaginary social network. His works have been exhibited in various museums and institutions including the Triennale di Milano, Jeu de Paume, Berkeley Art Museum, Deste Foundation e la Biennale di Atene.

_2011 _Interactive and Digital Art

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