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The’ innate human need to define and characterize those spaces, public and personal, related to housing, intertwines always with the limitations and the possibilities that are derived from materials, technologies and construction systems. The latest research carried out in this area, born in response to the problems of the current period, bring out a due attention to the social needs, energy efficiency and environmental impact and protection. The evolution of the architecture of the language itself emerges through the production of new types of sustainable materials, with consequent restructuring of the building techniques and design, in favor of dynamic structures and assemblies innovative. The confirmed result is the possibility of creating architectural works trendy, revolutionary design, functional and sustainable.

The platform kernel turns his attention to architecture ephemeral and temporary as a fertile field for experimentation and testing of new relationships between human actions and space, allowing you to create installations that contribute to the construction of a “landscape” alternative and functional, in dialogue with the historic architecture that houses it.

Photo by Marcello Arosio

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