Kernel Festival

Kernel Night /001

Also ora.
The Kernel launches into coated Milanese scene daring experiments with multimedia, for the first of a series of brilliant evenings.
And he does it just for the MiArt.
The Space Concept r-heartily welcomes this burst of fresh air in the throbbing heart of Zona Tortona. The Kernel brings artists, Forever young and talented (that the scene, the olders, blow it to him really) with its spectacular charge.

LIVE! Electronic Music Performances, Visuals, Mapping, Multimedia Installations.

h.19.00 Aperitivo /music by Mattafunk
h.22.00 The Bizarre Collection Live Band
h.23.00 Music by /Planet Soap /Fana

Entrance: 7€
From h.19.00 to h.21.00 input 7 € with drink!

The best young artists selected by international juries at Kernel Festival 2011.
/The Bizarre Collection
Interpret the vanguard of cubism sound, returning to folk more passionate, a refined version of electro-acoustic and geometric.
“A group to discover and appreciate a free mind and a broken heart”. (Steve Di Rico)

/Planet Soap
Producono Dubstep/Wonky/Bass Music per Car Crash Set (USA Label) e per Robox Neotech. They have released three ep official for September Car Crash: Silkworm Ep, After Silkworm e l'end part 2011 Escape From Supernova 500.
This year is going to release their new project for Cascade Records.

The previews of the 2012.
/Pop-Up Mapping

Performance unedited video mapping sets of modular signed Kernel Production. An original solution sets of itinerant stage, show the extreme dynamism of a geometric structure and three-dimensional. A new expressive platform that offers the opportunity for artists Kernel alternate on stage, around events and evenings.

/Multimedia Installations
The digital installations, sound, interactive and architectural strictly “made in Italy” tested and implemented during the Kernel Lab, by some young talents: Marco Baldessarri, Emanuele Bonetti (Parcodiyellowstone)+DFE, Stefano Caimi, Angela Di Tomaso, Mirco Facchinelli, Mauro Ferrario and Alessio Occhiodoro.

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